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Is exercise worth the effort?

Physical Activity and Vascular Health

It is widely accepted that regular physical activity is beneficial for vascular health. People who enjoy regular physical activity have lower death rates than people who have no risk factors but who aren't physically active.

The lack of regular physical activity results in 250,000 deaths annually, according to the American Heart Association. As blood flows better through the veins and arteries through exercise, it keeps the body healthier and decreases the amount of bad cholesterol.

Here are a few tips to add physical activity into your daily schedule:

· Select enjoyable activities.

· Work out with a friend.

· Encourage family members to participate.

· Measure progress through a daily exercise journal.

Twice-weekly muscle-strengthening activities are encouraged to keep vascular health strong. These activities may include:

· Sit-ups, push-ups

· Weight lifting

· Heavy gardening such as digging or shoveling

· Yoga

Before starting an exercise regime, patients should always consult with a physician to determine the best plan of action.

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