• The VIC Vascular Team

Expanding Services in Cleveland

Vascular Institute will soon open a new 7,700-square-foot clinic designed to introduce outpatient surgical vascular care in Cleveland and the Ocoee Region. It will also enhance clinical and ultrasound capabilities for patients.

The Cleveland operations expansion, located in the Bradley Heritage Medical Park at 4312 Holiday Inn Express Parkway NW, will more than double the size of its current office on N. Lee Highway. That office will close as operations are ready at the new location in June 2020.

The exciting new feature to the facility are the two surgical procedure suites, providing the Ocoee region’s first of its kind outpatient vascular facility that is owned and operated by a private medical provider. Vascular Institute providers will continue to provide services and operate at Tennova Hospital in Cleveland.

Additional clinical exam rooms will allow VIC’s nurse practitioners to treat patients with less wait time for scheduling appointments from the initial referral or patient contact. Patients will meet with a clinician to determine specialized treatment plans, which may include surgery if needed, and follow up care once procedures are completed. 

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