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Can Lasers be used to help treat plaque build-up in my arteries?

Laser technology is an emerging resource in vascular health treatment. Lasers emit ultraviolet light to break up hardened plaques inside arteries. These minimally invasive surgical techniques are designed to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD), with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

PAD occurs with the build-up of plaques within the arteries which block the blood flow to the arms, legs and vital organs. It tends to cause cramping, pain, and tiredness in the lower legs, especially during physical activity. The lack of circulation in a lower extremity can result in a foot or leg amputation.

Lasers can provide game-changing treatment. PAD lasers emit ultraviolet light, a cool light, which disrupts plaques 1mm directly in front of the laser catheter. This procedure has high efficiency and precision for removing PAD plaque with minimal risk to surrounding tissue during treatment.

Chris Lesar, MD

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